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Owner name: Toby MacDonald Address: Unit 5/40 Ricketts Road Mount Waverley, VIC 3149 Phone: 13 0013 9092 ABN: 43 102 268 922 Email: URL: Keywords: polished concrete Melbourne Categories: trade Short Description: Concrete Resurfacing Systems are the leaders in protective and decorative flooring in commercial, industrial and residential environments. Long Description: Today the latest things talked in the architectural world it would be not wrong to say, that people everywhere are talking about concrete flooring, they are talking about decorative concrete coatings, concrete floor resurfacing and various other related things. Previously concrete was mostly used for industrial floor coatings however in recent times it has been noticed that concrete flooring has been adapted in many homes and various commercial buildings. The Concrete Resurfacing Systems (CRS) provide the different flooring services like concrete coatings, polished concrete flooring, industrial flooring etc. They are specialized in domestic, commercial and industrial flooring in Melbourne.


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